World Bank - Studies

Washington, D.C.

At the request of the Washington, D.C., health department, HOPKINS performed a thorough survey of the condition of the Bank’s foodservice equipment and identified possible health code violations. The extensive study was completed within a week and was received equally well by the Bank and the city’s health department.

Related Work


FBI Training Academy

During the design of a new laboratory building, the client questioned the need for in-house foodservice. To answer this question, HOPKINS was asked to perform a campus foodservice study.  The report identified all locations of foodservice and made a recommendation regarding including another café in the new HOK designed lab building.


New York Historical Society (NYHS)

Despite the nearby presence of the American Museum of Natural History, with its large and popular cafeteria, NYHS asked HOPKINS to explore the feasibility of an in-house restaurant of its own as part of a renovation project. The restaurant was to be designed as a modern version of an automat, both to serve staff and to enhance the visitor experience. In addition to the design, HOPKINS conducted a study to help assess whether such a restaurant could break even.