References and Testimonials

40 Years of Contented Clients

Across the years our clients have spoken to their experience with HOPKINS in ways that say as much about many of you, our terrific clients, and our congenial relationships as they do about us. When common goals involve mutual respect, the results are as far reaching, and as sociably pleasing, as they are technically superior.

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Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents, Baltimore, Maryland
“Richard, your continuous accomplishments and contributions are impressive and commendable. They demonstrate your technical knowledge and expertise and each reaffirms your personal and professional commitment to excellence. You certainly do not need accolades from the likes of me but as I have shared with you before, from our very first encounter I perceived you as a ‘no nonsense, do it right and do it right the first time person’. Having observed that in combination with your obvious professional skills, in my opinion, put you at the head of the class. By the way, I'm not sure I ever thanked you for all the things I learned from you, so, Richard, THANK YOU!”

Ruby E. MacDonnell, Chief, Maryland Mental Health & Hygiene

U.S. Pentagon, High Command Delicatessen, Arlington, Virginia
“Having been involved in major food service restructuring/rebuilding activities at the Pentagon Building, Richard Hopkins, the Hopkins Foodservice Specialists, Inc., has exhibited the utmost in professionalism, creativity and abounds in knowledge of his specialty. He is very responsive and willing to adapt to the wishes of his client. His personality is one that makes him easy to listen, easy to talk to, easy to work with, especially in all aspects of the project. Having known Richard Hopkins for many years, he has always been responsive; always accessible throughout all phases.”

Norma Bouras, DoD Concessions Committee

The American University, Federal Hall Cafeteria Renovation, Washington, D.C.
“Richard has been a bright light, leading the charge of the project. We just didn’t think we could do it, but Richard stepped in and showed us the way. I think Richard is so successful on this project because he isn’t encumbered by the bureaucracy like most of the people here are. Richard is so well liked around here. Everyone I talk to knows him and thinks very highly of him. Richard, you are truly a wonder. Without you this project would still be trying to find its way into the light.”

Lynne Feely, AU Facilities Department

Columbia University School of Business, New York, New York
“I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by the approach Richard and Lynn Hopkins took both in their response to our Manhattanville project request for proposal, and in their work on the project. The Hopkins approach is what separates them from their competition. Their bids articulated their ability to perform complicated work in similar environments. Working with Richard and Lynn I was struck by their intuitive ability to grasp the big picture goals of our institution, and then convert these vague aspirations into actual tangible designs. The Hopkins niche is their method for dissecting complex work into easily understandable, less intimidating, smaller decisions that eventually add up to a state of the art facility plan. Each dimension of a service or product is carefully analyzed; from back of the house systems required to product delivery by service staff to the customer experience. I found them to be refreshingly technically competent, well-versed in the industry’s latest developments in both equipment and service, and yet unselfish in their willingness to deliver only the aspects of these trends that were important to us as clients. They have an old school, down to earth approach to hospitality that was reassuring for our subject matter experts, and a sophisticated, intellectual approach to project management that that was reassuring for our world class architects and university administration. Most important of all to me, I felt we were the center of their universe in every meeting, conversation and email.”

Scott Wright, Director of Student Auxiliary and Business Services

George Mason University, Academic 7
“Hopkins Foodservice has produced exceptional work in support of the effort and is extremely responsive to any questions or challenges that have arisen during the design and construction process. Richard and Lynn’s understanding of both food service process and equipment is exemplary and their understanding of general architectural issues is noteworthy as well.”

Stephen Penhoet, AIA, LEED AP, Perkins Eastman DC

New York Times Headquarters
“Despite our being a very demanding client, Richard and Lynn Hopkins were entirely responsive to our every need.”

Hussain Ali-Khan. Executive Managing Director, New York Times

“Through the many changes requested by the client and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Lynn and Richard were always available for meetings. They were like the food service consultant around the corner. They also helped us with overall coordination by working one phase ahead of the rest of the team. They performed construction document level work while we were still in design development.”

Rocco Giannetti, Gensler

U.S. Bureau of the Census, New Headquarters Complex, Suitland Federal Center, Maryland (Design-Build)
“The best things about Hopkins are their attention to detail and their devotion to their clients. In Phase II of our design-build project, Hopkins reviewed the construction documents and caught every deviation from the intended concept. On the re-submitted documents, they caught some of the same problems and insisted on corrections. They really looked-out for our interests.”

Walter C. Odom, Jr., U.S. Bureau of the Census

Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve
“I can honestly say, that from my perspective, all of our expectations for the study, report and design options for our cafeteria redesign were exceeded. The process, which became very fluid due to our own review process being elongated, was enthusiastically accepted by our staff and was one of the finest studies that I have had the pleasure of accepting here at the Board.”

Charlie House, Federal Reserve Board

United Nations Consolidation Building
“I thank you deeply for your kind words and the valuable support through the past year in developing the UNCB project. We hope that we had properly represented your interests in the project and also in aim of obtaining clarity in moving forward which we believe is so important to the collective design team. We at Maki and Associates have appreciated your support and contribution to the project and are looking forward to furthering our collaboration as we move forward.”

Gary Kamemoto, Maki and Associates

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
“As you know SOM is a fan: Lynn and Richard bring enthusiasm and passion to their food service consulting practice, which informs, engages and excites our clients who place their trust in SOM to achieve their design aspirations.”

Joseph Ruocco, AIA, SOM

National Museum of African American History and Culture
“I appreciate everything you did for us from the very beginning. The Cafeteria is looking great and I think Restaurant Associates will be very happy to work in it. I think you should be proud of your involvement in this project! I’m very pleased to have worked with you Lynn.”

Brenda Sanchez, FAIA, LEEP AP BD+C, Smithsonian Institution

U.S. Embassies in Ankara, Turkey and Nogales, Mexico
“We have come to rely on Lynn and her firm as our trusted advisors for food service on all of our US embassy work, due to their depth of experience and knowledge. Lynn has a good relationship with our client and has helped us navigate the unique details of our client's needs. We look forward to her continued collaboration on future projects and highly recommend Hopkins.”

Kate Mann, Ennead

ARCyber, Ft. Gordon, GA
“You have always been there for us. Impressive how much the client respects you.”

Ronit Shafrir, Gensler

“Through the course of my responsibilities as director of over 20 federal cafeterias, I have had the distinct pleasure to work Hopkins Food Service consulting on several projects with more on the horizon.  Lynn has earned my respect and admiration for being a good listener to what we are trying to accomplish followed by a thoroughly researched response to our goals.

One other much appreciated gesture comes when I need advice on a replacement piece of equipment that does NOT fall under a contract with us.  No gain or financial advantage for Hopkins.  I can call and ask for advice and it is given freely and with thought. 

No consultant in the country has my respect more than Richard Hopkins. He’s the best.”

Bill Hesgard, Director, NSA Restaurant Fund